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    Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh

    Naveed Sadiq

    16 October - 27 October, 2012

  • Statement


    I am not a speaker or a writer. I am an image-maker.


    Dots, Dashes and other signs exist all around us in everything we preempt or observe, but how we connect them is the formation of our own thoughts.


    I am silently speaking…..as screaming takes the pleasure away.


    If the viewer cannot find my message, it's of little concern to me, as the viewer is a free thinker and will incorporate his own impression with the information I put before them.


    The practice of making surfaces, constructing ideas into images and material exploration leads to the path of finding deeper meaning and expression. This is an act of meditation through which I understand worldly truths. Through this meditation comes an understanding to resolve ideas, beliefs, origin, creed, haunting childhood, the loss of things dear, the new beginnings, the beauty of sharing and ugliness of disassociation … the being of Me.


    The most integral part of my work is to practically experience the process of image- making.


    Naveed Sadiq