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    dys|functional objects

    New Work by Sadia Salim and Arshad Faruqui

    20 OCT - 04 Nov 2016

    The object is the thing that refuses to go away

    On one hand, mass production and accessibility create a culture of acquiring objects, and on the other, their ordinariness and proliferation make us oblivious to their potential. In the body of work presented at Koel, functional objects become a means to engage with the existing, the everyday, and the real.

    Arshad Faruqi uses the object to reflect on the dysfunctional, specifically with reference to the State and the Society.

    Sadia Salim intervenes with the object and contemplates the politics of the ordinary and the elevated positions.

    Antony Hudek (2014). Detours of Objects from the book Object – Documents of Contemporary Art.