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    Samina Quraeshi

    February 25, - March 7, 2016

    Samina Quraeshi (1944-2013) dedicated her career to exploring the visual, material, and spiritual culture of Pakistan. Well-known for her award-winning books on Pakistan, Quraeshi worked across many media; painting, printmaking, graphic design, video, as well as the photography and the written word for which she is most celebrated — to reveal the internal diversity of Pakistan’s land and people to her fellow Pakistanis and also to illuminate this under-appreciated cultural wealth to audiences in the West. Presented here for the first time in Karachi is a retrospective of thirty-five years of printmaking work (1977-2013), in which she fuses her strong graphic sensibilities with her unique interpretation of some of the iconic images of her homeland: camels, falcons, the landscapes of Sindh and Punjab, Mughal architectural details, Urdu and Arabic calligraphy, and symbols of Sufi thought. In 2012, Quraeshi suffered a debilitating stroke while working in Karachi. Over the subsequent 18 months, the final phase of her life making art, she worked on a new series of prints that brought together many of the elements that defined her earlier work with a new element: medical scans of her brain. The “Mind Maps” series makes its international debut at Koel Gallery and serves to thematize the lens of memory and perception that has been so subtly central to all of her work yet never overt until now.