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    Lecture by Dr. Mohsen Keiany

    Wednesday, February 03, 2016

    Visual artist and art critic, Dr. Mohsen Keiany, was born in Shiraz, Iran. He moved to Britain as an artist and art lecturer. He then completed his PhD at the prestigious Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design, Birmingham City University. His PhD research resulted in the publication: ‘Baluchistan: Architecture, Craft, and Religious Symbolism,’ published by Oxford University Press.


    In his paintings, one discovers references to Persian miniatures, manuscripts, archaeology, history, pottery, music, calligraphy, poetry, ceramic tiles and stained-glass windows. Dr. Keiany states, “My art is my cultural identity. My culture is my dignity and it is my main source of inspiration.”


    Mohsen Keiany has participated in more than 60 exhibitions in the region and internationally. In his book, ‘Baluchistan: Architecture, Craft, and Religious Symbolism,’ Keiany looks into how symbols originate, get associated with contextual connotations, and eventually come to define a people through interaction within their surroundings. He discusses relevant literature on the subject, including parallel references from Islamic architecture, contemporary ideas on the relevance and scope of symbolism in today’s world, Western philosophy and interpretation of Oriental cultures. He recounts his own visits to the sites and documents his observations in the form of sketches.