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    R.M. NAEEM

    December 22, 2015 - January 04, 2016

    Graphic sensibility combined with a profoundly humanist message – R. M. Naeem's art has an enduring presence and impact. His paintings are immediate in their communication of signs and symbols, of positive and negative elements. They achieve a balance between the two, as if to hold up a mirror to us all - a memory of something more infinite and ephemeral. Seldom do painters deal with these ultimately spiritual themes in contemporary art, but they do now! One is aware of constructions, of forces that act as walls of memory or consciousness personified by signifiers or signs. These can be abstract and involve patterns, signs, composition, while still other paintings include the human figure. An old man can represent wisdom, or eternal aspects of the human condition, while younger may represent situations. Youth are witness to the drama and theatre of life, but always without judgment in R. M. Naeem's paintings.

    - John K. Grande