Transcending Boundaries

A spiritual journey is reflected in the mapping of my artwork. From the prominent, fluid strokes to the earthy textures expressed through mixed media, it is evident that Mother Nature is my best teacher.

My inner space evolved from the mercy of the womb – the Mother-Daughter interconnectedness as nature’s gift. This connection gives an uplifting and spiritual existence to my being. Exposed to eastern and western worlds through my roots, my identity soars through layers of color and intuitive mark making. My perspective; the screens through which I live, provide a sense of containment and fluid space for self-discovery and reflection of my being and surroundings.

Outer space is brought forth in my artwork through aerial views, ocean depths, and desert-like spaces from my travels. The fluidity of crossing boundaries and overlapping bring upon the relationships of world religions and spiritual being on earth. The mapping of Transcending Boundaries and Spiritual Identity represents my fluid existence. After three decades of painting, I continue to share my feelings of my being as I rediscover layers of my identity and life experience. Through this process of experimental art, I feel the layers and transparencies of my essence unfolding in front of me.