by Aqeel Solangi
opens on Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 at KOEL GALLERY at 5 pm
Koel Gallery is privileged to present Aqeel Solangi’s 4th solo exhibition, “The Sites of Myth”.

Aqeel Solangi’s first exhibition was held at Koel Gallery in January 2010 -‘The Root, the Ground and the Air”- followed closely by another solo in April 2011, “Vus’at-e-Bahr-o-bar.” After a gap of two years, Solangi exhibited‘Relocation Mapped” at Koel Gallery, in January 2013.

Aqeel Solangi hails from a farmer’s family, in a village in Sindh. His deep connection to Mother Earth is reflected in his work. His paintings are evocative of his formative years spent close to Nature. Aqeel started his career as a Sign and Cinema board painter in Khairpur. Following some peers, he joined the renowned National College of Art (NCA) in Lahore, graduated and obtained his Master’s degree from this institution. His academic skills were honed through the process and further enhanced at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, where he attended various workshops on Sacred Geometry, Gilding, Methods and Materials, Persian miniature painting and Icon painting.

In 2016, Aqeel Solangi completed his 2nd MFA, from the Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University, UK. “The Sites of Myths” is the culmination of Solangi’s year at Bath University.

Residing in a different environment, Aqeel experimented by varying the scale of his work – he pushed himself from working on smaller, manageable paintings to very large canvases…a scale that removed him from his comfort zone, bringing about a style of painting almost gestural, yet constructed carefully. He juxtaposed “Nature and constructed Nature within the landscape, an amalgamation of uncharted sites and places visited,” as he lucidly explains in his article, ‘Resiting the Site.’ He clarifies his core concerns, “The sensation of being somewhere and nowhere at the same time…they are kind of complete/ incomplete stories within the familiar or constructed locations and are kind of crux of the moment. They radiate to some extent a certain sort of melancholy.”