How do poets interpret our world?
Ben Okri writes ‘Poets need to live where others don’t care to look, and they need to do this because if they don’t they cant sing to all of us the secret and public domains of our lives’
As the tumult around us becomes increasingly invasive, the search for a sanctum becomes imperative. We seek solace in talking to ourselves. The heart is our companion, a collaborator in these inner conversations.
But the space within becomes a reflection of the darkness surrounding our existence.
The poet knows these lonely struggles only too well.
As a young man, Faiz befriended the adversarial – the bleakness of unsolicited solitude, the unending joyless desert, the pall of shadows. He knew the alone-ness of life, the pain of waiting when the world was resistant to change. He bore witness to our sorrow and transformed it into ‘song and metaphor’
Light no longer exists. The celebration of Solitude is profound in its acceptance and timeless endurance.

Salima Hashmi