Saqib Mughal

Saqib Mughal
14 May – 25 May, 2015

Saqib Mughal (1971 Karachi, Pakistan) lives and works in Miami, Florida. After completing his fine art diploma from Karachi School of Arts in 1999, he moved to USA where he completed 2 years visual design education from North Harris College Houston Texas in 2002 and Certification in Roman Architecture from Yale University, Connecticut USA in 2014.

Saqib Mughal has been showing solo and group exhibitions in USA and Pakistan.


My new work is a continuation of my main theme in which I use butterflies, walls and doors as symbols to highlight the “Imprisonment of curiosity and awareness”.

I employ butterflies as symbol of change and wondrous flights of the imagination. I chose the butterfly because of their innate curiosity, freedom of movement and vibrant colors. The butterfly’s colors in my paintings are usually dripping down or draining away as if the butterfly is losing something valuable by being in a motionless state.

The wooden doors at the center of the butterfly’s wings depict an imprisonment of vision “Khayal”. For me doors embody a very interesting characteristic, It is way to escape or to isolate yourself from the world. I see doors as a “Decision Point” to get out or close on yourself.

I construct the wall texture brick by brick via acrylic paint to generate a unique visual experience and translate my inherent message and symbolism. The walls and wings stand as the antithesis of each other. Where one depicts freedom of action and other depicts a complete lack thereof freedom.

My paintings are a combination of eastern and western styles because both regions have influenced me and by extension my work equally. Viewers experience in my art a unique contemporary art technique and modern compositions with traditional eastern miniature style brush work.

By living in “Diaspora” many questions run throw my mind about myself and people in general in the context of my theme. My questions are usually a call for a change from stagnant state which requires freedom of imagination and having the ability to question the world around us.