08 – 22 September, 2015


Roohi Ahmed is a multi-disciplinary artist and has numerous national and international exhibitions to her credit. She has also been invited to various international artists residencies and workshops. Ahmed teaches full time at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi and has also taught at the University of Karachi and College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney as a visiting lecturer.


“For groups, as well as individuals, life itself means to separate and to be reunited, to change form and condition, to die and to be reborn. It is to act and to cease, to wait and rest, and then to begin acting again, but in a different way. And there are always new thresholds to cross: the threshold of summer and winter, of a season or a year, of a month or a night, the threshold of birth, adolescence, maturity and old age; the threshold of death and that of the afterlife-for those who believe in it.”

Arnold van Gennep, The Rites of Passage, 1960, p.189

This exhibition explores the Liminal Space, an in-between space that exists between one point and another and creates experiences of space and time that are different from everyday reality. This in-between space has also been referred to by Al-Ghazali as Dihliz (Arabic) or Dehleez (Persian) meaning threshold. It is a conceptual space that exists between two polarities such as past and present or one place and another, where one is more aware and inquisitive. Liminality
is a journey that one undertakes to get from one point to another. It is a transition and within this transition change is constantly taking place. The liminal state facilitates contemplation and self-reflection and becomes the basis for transformation.