Reminiscing Ottoman Ceramics, Handmade Quartz from Iznik

Artist Statement

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Orka Partners – the exclusive appointed agents for Lalezar.

Lalezar is an Iznik Quartz Pottery house where Master Selahattin Tek painstakingly handcrafts less than 200 pieces a year

The process to create a single piece takes 45 to 60 days

It involves shaping of the vessel, the initial firing, design drawing, painting, and the final underglaze firing where the beauty and vibrancy are sealed under glass for eternity

The in-house secret formula used for the stone-paste has been developed over 15 years of research and development has more than 75% quartz content – consistent with the 15th century Iznik formula

Original Iznik tiles and household pieces from that era can be found in the most prestigious museums and monuments around the world

Lalezar Pottery is certified for authenticity of its materials and production methods

Short video on Lalezar: