Noorjehen Bilgrami

Under the molsri tree
Noorjehen Bilgrami curated by Maha Malik
29 January – 9 February, 2015


Excerpt from curatorial essay, A Sense of the Fragile, by Maha Malik: ‘Under the molsri tree’ ? the exhibition ? draws upon a series of conversations and written correspondence between Noorjehan Bilgrami and myself, conducted over the latter half of 2014.

We imagined the show as an exploration of the autobiographical gesture: in terms of actual reference and emotive presence, but also in terms of fields of practice, as crossovers between textile, the painterly, and print. The primacy of indigo in Noorjehan’s palette and a revisiting of colour sense formed our third trajectory.

The exhibition was imagined as a fluid point of gathering and, in process, as a more personally intended body of work. In the same breadth, it also enabled inquiry into a second set of crossovers ? between the literal and fictive, conceptual impulses inherent within the genre of autobiography. The result is a sensuous, meditative, richly associative body of work.

We are privy to Ms. Biglrami’s solo exhibition in Karachi, after a period of 4 years.