Mera Safar


Fifteen artists come together to reflect on the ongoing path that delineates the present structure of their practices, conceptualizing the thought process that moulds and defines their outlook, psyche, and imperatives. Past struggles and current stimuli etch out the contours of the artist as an individual and define the path to understanding his praxis.

The process of travelling is an exercise in collection and influence. Transcendence forms milestones, a moment lingers in the mind, a place endlessly inspires, experiences melt into consequences that define the self. Over time, these stories collect and become the fabric of his defining and outstanding narrative. Life itself can then be seen as a journey through time.

The artist’s intuitive experiences lead him to raise poignant questions, pause and reflect… these defining moments, framed in a medley of abstraction and fulfilment, are his safar — Mera Safar. Highlighting milestones and defining pitfalls, Mera Safar maps the journey of the artist’s predicament.

Noorjehan Bilgrami & Muhammad Zeeshan