13th – 22nd March 2018

Curated by Noorjehan Bilgrami and Zarmeene Shah

With a view towards the safeguarding of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage as manifested through its indigenous craft traditions, the exhibition Manzil presents 13 collaborations between designers and craftspeople who engage in processes of continuance, revival, adaptation and interpretation in creating contemporary objects that find themselves rooted in a diversity of traditional craft practices from the region.

Today, globalization and industrialization pose the greatest threat to the continuation of this most tangible form of our intangible cultural heritage. In order to ensure that these myriad forms of traditional craftsmanship are not lost, the focus must be less on the specific objects produced and rather on how these age-old forms of knowledge and skill, passed down through generations of master artisans, can be not only preserved, but also made relevant to the globalized demands of a contemporary world. Thus through collaborations with designers and the showcasing of these methodologies and bodies of knowledge in Pakistan’s urban centers, Manzil attempts to (re)connect new populations and audiences with these traditional crafts, emphasizing their cultural worth and value, and the critical importance of their continuation.

This exhibition is the inaugural initiative of the Pakistan Crafts Council, in collaboration with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.