Shaukat Ali Khokhar was born in 1970 in the village of Mithodero near Larkana, Sindh Pakistan. He loved to draw streets of his village for some time, later he painted pigeons, which originated from his childhood memories. He joined National College of Art in Lahore, graduated in the MA (hons) in Visual Art, where his work evolved towards minimalism. With a sound theoretical base, he created his paintings using simple dots.
“From the beginning to the finished work of art, the dot is an essential element in my work – I had always been a great admirer of the ‘dot’ used repetitively, just like Daedalus created the labyrinth for the King Minos. I remained involved in making intricate patterns based on my thought process. However, every work has a simple beginning but end in forming complex but beautiful labyrinths. These labyrinths also take me back to my childhood and I recall roaming around the streets of my village.
The Labyrinths, I create are monologues woven through my feelings and emotions. These monologues are formed with myriad dots that invite the viewers to lose themselves in the visuals, travel their own way, with varied options, to experience and interpret the journey as they want.”