Koi Din Aur, A tribute to Lala Rukh

Years of drawing together was an activity we shared, working silently together in this meditation, a sacred bond. Revisiting it, keeping it alive is important for me. And now drawing without her helps to keep this connection alive.

Drawing is a meditative process which gives you access to memories not easily accessible otherwise. At the same time it forces you to be present in the moment and therefore helps to accept the present for what it is, no matter how incomplete it feels without the person you have lost.

The drawings have taken shape from ordinary, everyday surroundings. For even the ordinary, the banal is transient and worth savouring. Further, the simple lines seek to find simplicity out of the overwhelming, abstract and impossible to grasp emotion that is grief. Straight lines are an attempt to deviate from the pain of loss.

The video addresses the issue at a different level. I have worked with the medium more intuitively and incorporated poetic references of rain, recitation of Punjabi and Urdu poetry and the sound of the flute.