“Transcending in space and time, seeking True Eternal Love, my art practice, is a culmination of the elements of spirituality deeply rooted in collective memory as history. It is limitless and ever-changing, restless and at peace the same time, revolving constantly in search for the Love of one’s True Beloved.” Sana Kazi

Sana Kazi received her BFA (Miniature Painting) and M.A Honors (Visual Arts) from The National College of Arts, Lahore. An independent writer /art-critic she currently teaches at the NCA. Along with several solo shows to her credit, Sana has received a number of awards including an exhibition in New York, funded by the Rockefellers Brother Fund Foundation in collaboration with the New York Foundation of Arts (NYFA), an exhibition in Washington DC funded by the Crispus Music Industries and a solo residency in Abu Dhabi by the Art Hub. Her upcoming shows are in Chicago, Paris and Lahore.