Folding Shadows

Folding Shadows brings together three unique sensibilities that play with the viewer’s perception of three-dimensionality. Experimenting with unparalleled attention to detail, these artists approach paper, metal and acrylic glass not only as surfaces to work on, but materials to work with. Babar Gull uses origami—a precise art, and one that is normally considered sculptural. Instead of conforming to our familiar experience of it, he uses the paper forms as subject matter for beautifully rendered drawings, creating minimalist pieces on a flat plane. Hadia Moiz layers sheets of acrylic glass to create patterns, repetition and tonal variation. Layering is the primary focus of her practise—a tangible way of confronting reality and attempting to untangle it. Sarah Ahmad’s detailed work originates from experiencing nature, its energy and visual wonders. It contemplates the innermost human condition and outermost mysteries of the universe, and how all of it is interconnected.

In Folding Shadows, these three bodies of work appear to flow in different directions. However, viewed side by side, they fuse strikingly through their geometric origins, linear mark making, monochromaticity, layering, scoring and folding: Shadows that meet at the place of execution.

— Alia Bilgrami