14 – 23 JULY, 2016

Rooted in personal narrative, memory, and nostalgia, Aqsa Shakil’s process begins with a photograph – especially one that, as she describes, has a story behind it. After tracing a photograph, Shakil then transfers the image to paper that has endured exposure to rain or snow. Lastly, she paints the paper’s surface with ink and watercolor.

Shakil writes about her work, “ Attached to my very bones is my international baggage, most of which is carry-on. I was born in Tanzania, raised in Pakistan, and have had a taste of the Far East, Middle East and Europe. Moving to America has been, let’s just say a piece of cake; getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road: not so much. My work is heavily influenced by travel. Having been rooted, un-rooted and re-rooted from Tanzania, to Lahore, to Dallas, and now San Francisco, I have a constant inherent obsession of tracing every slipping moment. My paintings have remnants of old photographs of people I have known, grown out of, or run into over the years. They are submerged in memory pockets: vast atmospheric spaces, which result after the paper endures a rain or snowstorm. The random splatters of precipitation have a strange orderly pattern, and I intervene with my orderly splatters that have a strange randomness. The dichotomy of the two makes an exact visual depiction of what I think memory looks like.” Aqsa Shakil’s past has developed a diversely informed perspective that informs her creations – which include eggshell installations, miniature paintings, and photography.

Shakil has received a Visual & Performing Arts Achievement Award from the Golden Key International Honor Society, the Dennis M. Cratz Dean’s Award during 2005’s Spring Show at UTD, and other awards in juried events. Shakil received her MFA from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

DJ Hellerman, Burlington City Arts